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Mafia Stories from the Tunnel Bar
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La Cosa Nostra – State of New Jersey Commission of Investigation 1989 Report – The Gambino/Gotti Family

The Gambino/Gotti family of La Cosa Nostra is considered by most experts to be the largest and most influential organized crime group in the nation, with a known membership of approximately 250 formally initiated, or "made," members and about 600 associates. Based in New York City, the group's operations extend to much of the eastern seaboard and across the nation to California. Its illicit activities include labor racketeering, pornography, narcotics, gambling, loansharking, extortion, solid and toxic waste dumping violations, hijacking, pier thefts and fencing.

During the past year, the organization has experienced much turmoil and internal strife and has undergone a major transition. Although its leader, 48-year-old John Gotti of Queens, has managed to overcome a number of personal legal problems during his brief tenure, other supervisory levels of the group have been disrupted by indictments, incarcerations and deaths – some by violence – of key members. In order to compensate for these losses, Gotti was forced to reorganize the family hierarchy and to add new members to the roster. Since Gotti took over leadership of the group in December, 1985, six men have been promoted into caporegime positions or have been given additional responsibility, while caporegime Frank Locascio of the Bronx has been promoted to under-boss. Those given new caporegime status or those capos given expanded responsibilities include:

  • Nicholas Corozzo of Brooklyn, caporegime given Joseph Corrao's operations;

  • Gregory DiPalma, caporegime given operations of Joseph Zingaro;

  • Peter Gotti, elevated to capo to replace his brother Gene;

  • Peter Lino, elevated to capo to supervise Florida operations;

  • Louis Riccio, acting caporegime on behalf of Anthony Napolitano;

  • Michael Mandaglia of Kenilworth, elevated to capo to replace the late Joseph Paterno;

  • Thomas Gambino of New York, caporegime who replaced Pasquale Conti as Gambino/Gotti liaison to the Sicilian Mafia.
Corrao, Zingaro, and Gene Gotti are incarcerated; Anthony Napolitano is semi-retired and in poor health.

New Jersey Operations

Since the 1985 murder of Gambino family boss Paul Castellano and the subsequent takeover of the family by John Gotti, the group has received an unprecedented amount of attention from both law enforcement and the media. Aware of his organization's strength, Gotti has overtly attempted to expand his sphere of influence. In contrast to his predecessor, Paul Castellano, he has acted more like a movie star or politician rather than a reclusive LCN boss. And along the way, he has undermined some liaisons established by Castellano, especially the working relationship that once existed with the Genovese/Gigante group. Gotti's increased interests in New Jersey construction projects, labor racketeering, rock quarries, liquor licenses and real estate are well known to law enforcement officials. It is these expansionist tactics that are most likely the basis for the current rift between the two groups.

However, the Genovese/Gigante group is not without hope of regaining its strong hold on these New Jersey territories. With already weak leadership in New Jersey, the Gambino/Gotti group will have to rely solely on the New York hierarchy to manage New Jersey enterprises if key members such as Bisaccia and Mandaglia are convicted and face lengthy prison sentences. Gotti's recent acquittal in Manhattan, however, will surely enhance his position as the most powerful organized crime figure in the nation.

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Hudson County Facts Winter 2006 by Anthony Olszewski
Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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La Cosa Nostra
Official NJ State Commission of Investigation Report

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New Forces in
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Hudson County Facts Winter by Anthony Olszewski - Hudson County History
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